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Thanks for the fave, comment and watch! I greatly appreciate it! ♥



Request - Amari by NemoraFarraige

Firstly, I have to say that this is really super cute! I like her overall character design. If she's meant to be a spunky and outgoing ...

Beautiful Dreamer by Queen-Kitty

This is my first photography critic so please forgive me if anything I say may sound wrong. Firstly, I really find this shot stunning! ...

Witchy by Snowlly
by Snowlly

First off, I really find her to be really cute and I really love how you coloured the her bangs. The black and yellow is really very pr...

BW vs Color: Comfort by chicharia

I really like your idea as it really is something that it unique and beautiful. I am pretty sure that not many will think of such a con...



Request - Amari by NemoraFarraige
Firstly, I have to say that this is really super cute! I like her overall character design. If she's meant to be a spunky and outgoing character then I must say that you managed to convey that personality well through the colour scheme, body language and facial features. Not only that, you still managed to maintain the small little details on her clothes like the chains and the clock on her outfit. I generally have no qualms about her character design but it feels generic. I can see that you've tried to make her unique though and for that I commend you.

Another thing that I like about this is your colouring technique. I find it ridiculously appealing to my eyes. The streaks add character in a way as there is a mix of both smooth blending and flat shading. However, I was unable to get a clear view of where the light source is exactly from. Since her hand is the brightest I assume that the light is facing her hand. As such, her face should be illuminated as well and the shadows on the left side of her face should be slighter softer. The light should shine more in her eyes as well if this logic is followed. This however, does not compromise on the overall presentation of the colouring technique though.

Personally, I like this current style more than your other ones as it gives off a more polished look. Striking outlines are kept to a bare minimum and in their stead, more colour contrast is used. It makes the artwork look cleaner and it helps it to come together as a whole as well.

Hope that this critique was helpful!
Beautiful Dreamer by Queen-Kitty
This is my first photography critic so please forgive me if anything I say may sound wrong.

Firstly, I really find this shot stunning! My eyes were immediately drawn to this. I like how the model's face is. It conveys dreamer message that you were going for due to the faraway look in her eyes. It creates a the sense of seeing but not exactly seeing. Her gestures help to corroborate this idea as it expresses wonderment. Yes, to a certain extent it is cliche but she managed to pull it off beautifully with such grace. I love the design on her dress. It doesn't quite add to the dreamer bit but it adds an element of fantasy as she looks almost similar to a fairy. Overall, the model in this photo does a good job based on her expression and the fluidity of her movement.

I will now move on to critique the setting. I am sorry to hear about the mishap that happened on that day. I'm pretty sure that this would look even more stunning outdoors! Anyway, I like how you still managed to come up with a nice looking backdrop on quite a short notice. Its simplicity makes the model stand out even more due to the contrast in colours and details. Despite this, I do feel that the setting is not that impactful as it should have been. It feels as though something is missing from the atmosphere. Maybe you might want to try tweaking the contrast, brightness and colour levels to make it seem more dreamy. It might help if you made the colours a bit warmer as it will add a nice touch of contrasting colours. I think that it will look nicer on the bubbles as well. Additionally, a little more bubbles would be nice in this photo. This is especially at the bottom right corner. The top right looks rather cluttered and as a result, this photo looks slightly unbalanced. Overall, I still believe that the atmosphere could have been better improved on but in light of what happened that day, you and your team still managed to produce good results. Kudos to you for that! :)

I'm currently opening up some commissions to earn some extra cash. Exchange rates between Malaysia and Singapore has been pretty bad lately so I would like to earn some extra money so as to not burden my parents too much. 

I'll be doing bust up commissions!

My style is a mix of anime and its sort of semi-realistic.

I'm more comfortable with colouring in a painter like manner as compared to flat colouring. I tend to have a lot of contrast in colour choices as well. I'm better at drawing girls as opposed to guys. 

One character per piece. All work will be A4 sized and will be sent in 300dpi. 

Some samples:

Autumn by Miipanyaa   Welcome to Death Wonderland! by Miipanyaa   Portraits No 7: Red Scarf by Miipanyaa   

Portraits: No.4 by Miipanyaa   Portraits: No.3 by Miipanyaa  

Do send me a note if you're interested! 
Autumn by Miipanyaa
Let the haze pass. Let the cold weather come. 

Desperately needed to draw something after such an eventful week. I don't know how to feel about my academics currently and with a little bit more than a month left to As, I must say, I feel the pressure intensify. Trying out new ways to paint 


Miipanyaa has started a donation pool!
205 / 5,000
Please donate if you support my work~! I would greatly appreciate it!

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Digital Art Commissions
:bulletpink: A4 sized waist&above commissions.
:bulletpink: Fully colored with background.
:bulletpink: 1 character per artwork

Ciel by Miipanyaa Autumn by Miipanyaa Welcome to Death Wonderland! by Miipanyaa


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I love to draw and listen to music. I find languages to be something that piques my interest so I often spend my free time studying them. I adore poetry and pretty things. Once I enter a shop filled with such things, it'll take a ridiculously enormous amount of effort to drag me out :x

My ambition for now is to do something art related in the future. It's been like that since young so I guess that's what I really would like to do :D

I sometimes make no sense so please pardon me ;A;

I like to give critiques so please feel free to approach me for one!

My pixiv ☆ My reblogging tumblr ☆ My personal tumblr ☆
To those who have helped to like my artworks, I really appreciate it :>

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